How Business and Marketing Have Evolved

Business and marketing are always evolving. Over the decades, business and marketing have changed a lot. Things have become far much easier and smoother than how they used to be. It had to adapt to sub-conscience of different generations and life stages in order to stay relevant and reach all it targets. In this article, I’m going to show you how marketing has evolved over the years and how this has positively affected the industry in general.

Social media marketing

90% of business nowadays use social media marketing to boost their business as compared to how it was a few decades ago. This technique has developed to be a staple in the modern marketing strategy and also in establishing an online audience or presence. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram play a very important role in online business. Failing to use any of these can greatly affect your business in this generation since a good number of potential customers are found in social media. This will also improve the consumer marketing as clients are more likely to post or market a particular product to other buyers online. This technique is likely to increase as years goes by. Different businesses are offering social media marketing which has proved how social media marketing has developed to be a very powerful tool in modern marketing.

Online Selling

Online selling started way before when people were learning about internet technologies. As the technology advanced, people began to gain more access to it which increased different opportunities to generate revenue online. This became widely accessible that even the non-techies were able to set up their own online stores and complete transactions online. Nowadays there are different online tools available for creating an online business. Others are more advanced with tools for SEO as well as for the creation of an online store. There are even blogs that are designed to look and function like an online store for online sales.

Cardless and cashless payments

Although this technique is not popularly used by most business, it is a technology that already exists and it is among the most developed ways business and marketing has evolved over the years. Another technology that has been introduced in the market, is the ability to do transactions through a web-connected mobile phone. Although it is not widely used by most online stores, this is a technology that you need to watch out for in the coming years as some of the well-known companies like Apple are now getting involved.

Website-based negotiation and collaboration

Businesses are now enjoying the benefits of being able to communicate through their websites to not only reach their potential buyers but also to build stronger relations with other businesses. This will help the companies to meet a particular need that will benefit both of them. Online meeting software or web conferencing have become important tools for businesses nowadays. They enable an affordable video or audio-based communication and a venue for collaborative endeavors including business partners, investors, customers as well as employees. This will also be a great way of promoting business to business marketing.

The evolution of business and marketing will not end on the few points mentioned above. Other exciting changes are expected to take place in the coming years because what you have seen for the past few years are hints of other enhanced changes to watch out for in the near future.

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